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Planning for your future creates good financial habits and helps you to reach your goals.  Your plan is not about retirement and superannuation right now, it is about being able to have the life you are looking forward to and all the highlights along the way.  A good financial plan is flexible to move in any direction you are heading.  Where are you heading now?








    Entering the workforce

    Your first job is something you will never forget. It is the start of your independence and it is great to finally have some money in the bank to play with.  Now is the time to create money habits that will set you up for the future.  Retirement is a long time away, but every dollar you invest now can make a world of difference to your future self. You may even be eligible to receive upto $500 from the government if you make your own contribution of $1000 per year. (that’s only $20 per week!)








    Establishing a career

    You have decided on your career path and your income has increased, put this additional money to good use by eliminating debt and establishing a sound savings plan to enable the purchase of your first home or investment property.  Consider investing into Managed Funds.








    Getting married

    This is one of the highlights of your life, and like all weddings, it is the preparation and planning before your special day that helps it to run smoothly.  When two become one, so do your financial commitments.  Take some time before your nuptials to plan for your future goals together.  Be open about any financial burdens or benefits you have.








    Creating a family

    Adding to your family is a real joy. Managing your new family with a reduction of income and an increase in expenses can be tough.  Setting a realistic budget, ensuring you have the right levels of personal insurance and a saving plan can relieve your financial worry so you can focus on growing your family.









    Managing debt

    Break the debt cycle by understanding all your debts and develop a plan to clear it as soon as possible, reducing interest, stress and financial hardship.








    Starting a business

    Starting your own business is exciting and stressful all at the same time.  Before committing to a new business venture get a financial health check to ensure a clear direction for both your personal and business finances.

To achieve one or all of the above will take a strong financial plan. It’s just one of the steps to achieve your goals. Contact us today to start your planning today.

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